Altai Peaks

Camping gears & Services

Professional mountain gears

We have the best curated selection of climbing gear dedicated to extreme climbing up to Mongolian Altai Mountain peaks. Everything that we do have are super high performance. We have an eye for the gear that is the most reliable, safe, comfortable, and lightweight. We’ve great at working with our customers to help them pick up and start the tour with just the right things.

Transportation & Lodgistics

We take care of all your transportation and lodgistics in Mongolia while you have a mission to explore peaks of Altai mountain, and as well as Hotel booking and all professional camping equipment that needed during your stay. Besides, our team can provide you or offer to stay in Mongolian nomadic Yurts (Gers) is case if you would like to explore Mongolian mountains in its most authentic way.

Professional mountain guide

Our certified mountain guides are ready to take you on a trip of a lifetime or to master your mountaineering skills in incredible Altai peaks locations. All our guides are highly qualified and have been involved in an internationally accredited certification program, such as the IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations).

Other tour needs according your requests

Since you are in Mongolia you may don’t want to miss your chance to visit local nomadic families, do horse riding, see Eagle hunter, and experience other Mongolian culture on your way among Altai Mountain ranges. We are fully flexible to take you out of the schedule and see something new according to your requests.