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Eagle festival tours in Mongolia

about eagle festival

The Eagle festival in Mongolia is one of the most remarkable events that held in western Mongolian Bayan-Ulgii province annually. The biggest festival is at the first weekend of October every year. There are also few more festivals that happen in middle of September and march as well.

Standard Eagle festival program:

First day of the festival

  • Registration of Eagle Hunters
  • Opening ceremony
  • Competition to see which eagle has been well trained by the owner. After passing the first round, the assessment of the hunters proper outfit and horse tackles.
  • Camel race
  • Uriankhai Archery competition
  • “Tenge ilu” the competition to snatch coins from the ground
  • Musical performance / at the Central Theater in Olgii/

Second day of the festival

  • “Shirga” competition to see , if eagles can land on the prey properly and faster
  • “Kiz Kuar” Kazakh traditional game
  • “ Kokpar” tug of war with an animal skin
  • Closing ceremony of the eagle festival

The eagle festival lasts for 2 days. You may combine eagle festival with any other tours such as mountain climbing tours, trekking tours or other cultural tours in Mongolia.

Before go to this festival you must book your plane tickets between Ulaanbaatar and Ulgii as earlier as it is possible, because when dates come close to the festival domestic airlines get too busy.