Tourist attractions in Mongolia

Western Mongolia is the best place for all adventure tourist activities where you can visit nomadic families and discover beautiful nature wanders. Here is top highlights that you must see while you are traveling in western Mongolia.

Potaninii glacier

Potaninii glacier

Potaninii glacier is the biggest glacier in western Mongolia that located between Khuiten peak and Malchin peak of Altai tavan Bogd mountain. Potaninii glacier is 16km long and Potanin Glacier is gradually decreasing in size year after year. You can cap next to glacier and explore by walking right on it.

Khoton and Khurgan lakes

Khoton lakes

Khoton and Khurgan lakes are located south part of Altai Tavan Bogd national park. These twin lakes are crystal clear fresh water lakes that formed by melting glaciers and snows from Altai mountain. Khoton and khurgan lakes are surrounded by local nomadic families in summer and attract many tourists with its charming views of the area.

Waterfall Baga Turgen

waterfall in baga turgen

Baga turgen waterfall is located among one of the valleys on south of Altai Tavan Bogd national park. Area offers short hiking activities that visitor can enjoy by walking through nomadic lifestyle and with stunning Altai mountain background.

Eagle hunters

Eagle hunters

Deep in the Altai Mountains, where Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia meet, Kazakh people have for centuries developed and nurtured a special bond with golden eagles.

Petroglyphs in Mongolia

Greater Altai is home to spectacular rock art. The art depicts 12,000 years of cultural development and is an invaluable record of the culture and traditions of prehistoric and early historic communities occupying the region. Because the humans in this area were nomads, with no permanent settlements, evidence of their presence is often difficult to decipher. Altai petroglyph complexes are one surviving source of information.