Khuiten peak
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Khuiten peak of Altai Tavan Bogd

Khuiten peak is the highest peak in Mongolia with 4,356m above sea level and a permanent snow cap in the Altai mountain range. Located far 2000km west from Ulaanbaatar city (Capital of Mongolia) just stone throw away close to Chinese border. One of the top touristic destination for mountain lovers in Mongolia. From the mountain Khuiten lasting down east Potanini glacier that remained relatively unchanged since the last ice age. Since Khuiten is the highest point of the Tavan Bogd massif also includes the other peaks such as Nairamdal (friendship)4,180m,  Naran (sun), Malchin (herder)4,050m, Burged (Eagle)4,068m, and Olgii (land) 4,050m, Tsagaan Suvarga (white stupa). The Khuiten peak of Tavan Bogd massif is the second highest summit in the Altai mountain range when the highest being mount Belukha in Rusian Altai side.

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